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Heads of Departments

Department Teacher
  English and English Literature - Senior Forms Miss Ng Sau Wai, Ivy
  English and English Literature - Junior Forms Miss Luk Ka Yan, Sally
  Chinese Language Miss Wong Sing Yan, Karen
  Mathematics Mr. Ngai Kwai Ming, Clement
  Science Miss Wong Hui Ying, Kerry
  Social Science Miss Wong Man Ching, Anita
  Liberal Studies Miss Chan Oi Ting, Ida
  Chinese Literature and History Mr. Lau Kam Hing
  Technology Mr. Ng Wai Shun, Wilson
  Religious Education Miss Yeung Mei Lan, Teresia
  Moral and Civic Education Miss Chui Pik Kwan, Josephine
  Cultural Subjects Miss Choi Yuk Ting, Tina
  Academic Affairs Mr. Cheung Kok Chung
  Cross-curricular Project Learning Mr. Yeung Piu, Bill

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