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Principal's Message

Opening Ceremony of the 70th Anniversary Open Day
11th November 2017

Good morning, Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, JP, our Guest-of-honour, Sr. Judith, our School Supervisor, all school managers, honourable guests, sisters, principals and teachers of other local schools and Macau, parents, teachers, friends and Rosians. Thanks for joining our Open Day today as kick off for the celebration of our 70th Anniversary.

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to our Open Day and it is our great honour to have Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung JP to officiate our Opening Ceremony today. Mr. Yeung JP has close liaison and communication with the education sector no matter when he was the Under Secretary for Education in the past or when he is our Secretary for Education now. His presence today is great support and encouragement to our students, staff and family. Thank you once again, Mr. Yeung.

St. Rose is a big family. There are many generations of Rosians. We grow strong, loving and caring as God always looks after and takes good care of us. God gives us our caring sponsoring body, our supportive sisters, our learned and respectable teachers, our devoted clerical and maintenance staff, our loyal alumni, our enthusiastic parents, and most importantly our lovely students. 70th Anniversary marks our 70 years of gratitude. "Through Love, We Know Love.", which is the theme of our 70th Anniversary, are the words of Blessed Mary of the Passion, the foundress of our Sponsoring Body. Thanks for all your love for us and for St. Rose. Thanks to the Principals, teachers and the Committee members of the Parent-Teacher Associations of our sister schools in Hong Kong and Macau, St. Rose of Lima's Kindergarten, St. Rose of Lima's School, Colegio de Santa Rosa de Lima (English Secondary) and Santa Rosa de Lima (Chinese Section). Your presence here shows how united we are as a big family.

We have close network and collaboration with our parish church, Regional Education Office and the Shatin Police School Liaison Officers. Their presence today makes our Open Day a memorable one, especially with our special group of guests today. They are the Hong Kong Police Band. Thanks to Mr. James Leung, the Director of Music of the Hong Kong Police Band to give a golden opportunity to our Chinese and Western Orchestras to perform together with the Hong Kong Police Band. Thanks to Miss Catherine Kwan, the Chief Superintendent and District Commander of the Shatin Police District and your team. You have helped our students to explore themselves in different programmes organized by your team.

Here, I would like to read you a line from our school song: "And if duties are bravely and fairly done, she finds joy and happiness, friends and fun." Our school song lyrics captures the essence of how we work together to bring forth what you see and experience on our Open Days and with Rosians, both the past and the present, all the time. Though it said "she finds joy and happiness, friends and fun", this "she" is gender free as it applies to every one of us in this Rosian family. Please have a look at our beautiful stage. It is set up by professional "amateurs". These professional amateurs are our teachers and maintenance staff. Isn't it magnificent? I would like to invite all of you to join me to give a big round of applause to particularly our maintenance staff. When you visit our different exhibition rooms, you will feel how our students and teachers work together, how we exemplify the joy of learning and teaching, the joy of collaboration and team work, and the joy of working as a family. I am very proud of all of you.

Time does not allow me to thank everyone of you who are here with us today, especially the principals from other schools, our former principals and the alumni. But I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone here for supporting us, loving us and growing with us. We will continue to enhance the quality of education for the benefit of each and every student. Thank you one and all, very much, for being here today. May God bless you all.

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