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Other Learning Experiences and Extra-curricular Activities Team


  • To widen students’ horizons, and to develop their life-long interests;
  • To nurture positive values and attitudes;
  • To provide students with a broad and balanced curriculum; and
  • To facilitate students’ all-round development as life-long learners with a focus on sustainable capacities.



  • To build on the foundation of the five Essential Learning Experiences in the Basic Education by offering students a range of OLE opportunities (The five Essential Learning Experiences are Moral and Civic Education, Community Service, Career-related Experiences, Aesthetic Development and Physical Development.);
  • To offer choices to cater for individual needs, interests, prior experiences and balanced development to increase the sense of ownership;
  • To become familiar with entry requirements of various tertiary institutions; and
  • To focus on what students experience and how they internalize and make sense of that experience so as to effect a change in personal values and attitude.


Team Members

  • Miss Cheung Pui Ka, Phoebe (Head)
  • Miss Au Lai Yan, Ali
  • Miss Choi Yuk Ting, Tina
  • Miss Lau Hei Ting, Vera
  • Mr. Wong Tsz Hin
  • Mr. Yeung Chun


E.C.A. Club System

The school has a wide range of E.C.A. clubs for students to choose from. All students enroll in either one or two clubs. Besides their regular meetings, individual clubs organize visits, talks, inter-school competitions, workshops, etc. Besides enabling students to develop life-long hobbies, E.C.A. clubs help students to exercise their organizational skills and groom them for leadership roles in the future.

Our E.C.A. Clubs

Aesthetic Development
For Senior Forms
Besides the Visual Art lessons, students visit art exhibitions and attend art appreciation workshops organized by different external organizations.
Year Form 4 Form 5 Form 6
2013-2014 Comics and Animation Fashion Design Chinese and Western Arts
2014-2015 Chinese Calligraphy Fotomo Workshop (Sports) Mosaic Art Workshop
2015-2016 Inclusion Art Workshop by The Hong Kong Society For The Deaf Sand Animation by Art Bro Balloon Twisting by Magic Boy Talent Centre
2016-2017 Inclusion Art Workshop by The Hong Kong Society For The Deaf Sand Animation by Art Bro Sugar Art Workshop by Bon Appetiti Pastry
Photo Gallery
For Junior Forms
Our school joins The School Culture Day Scheme organized by the Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department every year. Students can visit the performing arts venues and museums during School hours. Through the Scheme, students would be encouraged to cultivate an creative mind regarding arts, history and science as part of their learning process and an integral part of everyday life.
Programmes and venues
Year Form 1 Form 2 Form 3
2013-2014 Modern Dance by City Contemporary Dance Company (Kwai Tsing Theatre) Pop Theatre by Hong Kong Leisure and Cultural Services Department (Tsuen Wan Town Hall) -
2014-2015 Dance & Dance Video by City Contemporary Dance Company (Shatin Town Hall) Cantonese Opera Demonstration Performance by Hong Kong Young Talent Cantonese Opera Troupe (North District Town Hall) Life is like a dream for Tanka People by One/Eight (Tsuen Wan Town Hall)
2015-2016 Rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet (excerpts) by Hong Kong Ballet (Hong Kong Cultural Centre) A Date with Contemporary Dance by City Contemporary Dance Company (Tsuen Wan Town Hall) Life in Hong Kong Mime Performance by We Draman (Ko Shan Theatre)
2016-2017 - Dance & Dance Video by City Contemporary Dance Company (Tsuen Wan Town Hall) -

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