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Careers Board


  • To provide students with information about local and overseas studies;
  • To promote students' self-awareness and integrate career possibilities with their interests, skills and talents; and
  • To organize information booths or exhibitions with various universities to offer students advice on careers.



  • To explore career possibilities and to integrate these alternatives with their interests, skills and talents;
  • To become familiar with procedures for university applications;
  • To become familiar with entry requirements of various tertiary institutions; and
  • To benefit from careers-related experiences.


Overview of Careers Guidance Activities

Junoir Forms
Careers Workshops
  • Promoting students' self-understanding
  • Enhancing students' readiness and ownership in performing career and life planning
  • Enabling students in making informed choices about Form 4 subject selection
  • Promoting students'readiness in embracing the challenges of senior secondary curriculum
  • Careers Talks
  • Considerations of Form 4 subject selection
  • Streaming mechanisms
  • Experience sharing by senior form students
  • Talk for Parents
  • Streaming mechanism and procedures
  • Parents' roles in subject selection
  • Stress management
  • Subject Selection Consultation
  • Promoting understanding on Elective subjects and Mathematics extended module (M1/M2) through discussion with subject teachers
  • Interview with Parents
  • Deepening students' knowledge on how workplace is like
  • Strengthening rapport and mutual understanding among parents and students
  • Leadership Training Programme
  • Sharpening students' leadership, communication skills, problem-solving abilities, perseverance and teamwork through carrying out community service projects
  • Strengthening students' sense of duty and commitment to the society
  • HKU Academy for the Talented
  • Inspiring students to maximise their intellectual potential through academic learning
  • Encouraging students to participate in co-curricular activities and learn outside the classroom both locally and abroad
  • Motivating students to set ambitious goals through interacting with renowned scholars, pioneering researchers and community leaders
  • University Taster Programmes
  • Offering junior secondary students a taste of the university campus life
  • Learning from professors and university students while experiencing workshops offered by various faculties

  • Senior Forms
    Careers Workshops
  • Facilitating students to conduct in-depth reflection concerning their learning styles, life goals, core values and expectation on careers
  • Deepening students' understanding of their personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and career orientation using various careers assessment tools (e.g. MBTI, Personality Dimensions, DISC, Holland Codes)
  • Assisting students in identifying university programmes and occupations that match with their personality traits
  • Careers Talks
  • Introduction of JUPAS and Non-JUPAS study pathways
  • Identification of target university programmes
  • JUPAS and E-APP online application systems
  • How to prepare Student Learning Profiles (SLP) and Other Experiences and Achievements (OEA)
  • Talk for Parents
  • Arrangement of HKDSE, SBA and IES
  • Introduction of JUPAS and Non-JUPAS study pathways
  • Preparation for release of HKDSE results
  • Group and Individual Careers Counselling
  • Face-to-face careers counselling on small group and individual basis, aiming at helping students to explore personal issues in career and life planning
  • Interview Workshops
  • University admission interviews - preparation and skills
  • Mock interviews - group and individual
  • Sharing by Alumni and Community Leader
  • Inspiring current students to pursue their dreams and explore different possibilities through interacting with alumni and community leaders
  • Mock Release of HKDSE Results
  • Enhancing students' readiness for the actual release of HKDSE results by rehearsing the distribution of result slips, application for university programmes and admission interviews, etc.
  • University Admission Talks and Summer Programmes
  • Inviting university representatives and student ambassadors to explain admission arrangements
  • Allowing students to acquire more in-depth knowledge of their subjects of interest, identify their passion in various fields and have a taste of university life in the summer

    Careers Activities Highlights for School

    Careers Workshops
    These workshops promote students’ self-understanding and stimulate them to explore their career aspirations through interactive activities.
    Careers Talks
    Teachers disseminate important information concerning subject selection and further study options to students on a timely basis.
    Talks for Parents
    These evening talks provide parents with the latest updates and support concerning subject selection and further study options.
    University Admission Talks
    We regularly invite representatives from universities to deliver admission talks to our senior secondary students. These talks allow students to have first-hand interaction with university admission officers and student ambassadors. Students can also obtain the most up-to-date university admission information.
    Form 3 Subject Consultation Session
    This activity creates a platform for Form 3 students to interact with Elective subject teachers, enabling them to make informed choice for their subject selection.
    Company Visits
    Bringing students to visit companies broadens their horizon by letting them see the first-hand internal operations of different corporations.
    Job Shadowing
    Job shadowing gives students an up-close look at the world of work and see how the skills learned in school are related to the workplace.




    Careers Room
    Students can discuss their issues with careers guidance teacher more effectively inside this well-equipped, multi-purpose Careers Room.This room is equipped with computer with Internet access, overseas studies materials, reference books and much more.
    Careers Corner (Library)
    Located inside school library, the Careers Corner serves the purpose of sharing the latest information on overseas studies, seminars, careers development and much more to the students. Students can look for what they want at their own pace.
    Display Boards
    Students can obtain the latest news on scholarship applications, overseas studies, activities organized by outsider such as universities, government and non-profit making organizations etc. from the Carees Display Boards outside staff room and Careers Room


    Team Members

    Miss Cheng Sze Wan, Lily (Head) Miss Chan Pik Kwan, Becky Mr. Chu Ho Pui, Alvin
    Mr. Chung Pak Lm, Patrick Miss Ho Hoa Yan, Esther Miss Ho Ka Man, Carman
    Miss Leung Shuk Wai, Joyce Miss Li Ching Wah, Leona Miss To Hui Ting, Julia
    Miss Wong Tsz Yu, Renee - -


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