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Guidance Board


  • To enhance whole person development of students; and
  • To facilitate the creation of a positive, inviting and caring school environment



  • To help new students to adapt to school life;
  • To promote desirable learning and social behaviours and a sense of responsibility;
  • To help students develop a better understanding of their abilities, strengths, weaknesses and realize their potential;
  • To help students build up self-confidence and enhance self esteem;
  • To develop students' leadership skills;
  • To help students develop appropriate attitudes towards love, dating and the opposite sex
  • To enhance students' ability to handle stress; and
  • To provide initial and front-line intervention in helping students cope with their problems.


Team Members

Miss Au Yee Man (Head) Miss Chan Mei Kei, Maggie Miss Chan Wing Ka, Cathy
Miss Cheung Hoi Yin, Anita Miss Chui Pik Kwan, Josephine Miss Gu Beiyu
Miss Kwong Pui Yi, Rita Miss Leng Ying Shan Miss Leung Kar Man, Carmen
Miss Shi Suk Kwan, Ada Miss Yeung On Ki, Angel Miss Yiu Hoi Lam, Bonnie



Activities Objectives
Big Sister Scheme It aims at helping Form 1 students to adapt to new school life and promoting the personal growth of senior form students. Big sisters are chosen from Form3 to Form6 students to assist Form 1 students to adapt to school life and build a support network for them
Form 1 Orientation Day It aims at providing school information to Form 1 students and their parents. They get to know more about school affairs, school regulations, curriculum and school social work service
Form 1 Day Camp It aims at strengthening students' leadership skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and boosting their self-confidence
Form 1 Adventure-based Training Day It aims at enhancing Form 1 students' class spirit, self-confidence and problem solving skills.
Study Skills Workshops They aim at helping Form 1 students to study more systematic and effectively
Sex Education It aims at providing a proper moral value on love and the opposite sex.
Emotional and Stress Management Eduation It aims at raising students' awareness on their own emotions and enhancing their stress coping skills
Drug Education It aims at introducing the harmful effects of drugs
Life Planning Education It aims at helping Form 5 students set their life goals and enhancing their time management skills
Parents' Talks and workshops They aim at enhancing parental skills and building a bridge between parents and the school

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