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Financial Assistance Schemes



Student Financial Assistance Scheme (2016-2017) offered by the Student Financial Assistance Agency

All students can apply for the School Textbook Assistance (TA) Scheme, the Student Travel Subsidy (STS) scheme or the Subsidy Scheme for Internet Access Charges. The subsidies will be given based on a student's family financial status.

Interested families who

  • didn't apply for assessment of eligibility in 15-16 OR
  • didn't pass the income assessment in 15-16 OR
  • didn't submit their Eligibility Certificates 15-16 (pink forms) before 1/4/16 OR
  • have already submitted their Eligibility Certificates (15-16) before 1/4/16 but not yet received the Application Form for Assessment of Eligibility 16-17 (Form B)
may obtain an Application Form for Assessment of Eligibility (Form A) from the school office or District Offices during office hours.

Applicants are required to submit the completed application forms together with copies of the relevant supporting documents to the SFAA by post within May 2016. Students will receive replies regarding their applications from the relevant government department. Students should hand in the eligibility certificates they receive from the government to the school (through the class teachers) before September 2016 for verification.

Students will receive the subsidies if they are successful in their application.


Grantham Maintenance Grants (2016-2017) offered by The Grantham Scholarships Fund Committee - for Form 4 to Form 6 students

To be eligible to apply for the scheme, you must be a Hong Kong resident who is not in receipt of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance in your own name or under your family. Repeaters will not be considered except under very special circumstances.

If you wish to apply for the Grants, you may download the application documents from the website of the Student Financial Assistance Agency:

Completed application forms, which are duly signed by the School Principal and stamped with the school chop, should be returned together with the required documents to the office before September 2016.


MTR Student Travel Scheme (2016-2017)

Full time students studying in any recognised institution in Hong Kong in the academic year 2016/17 are eligible to apply for MTR concessionary fares.

Students who wish to enjoy MTR student fares, have to do one of the following:

  • Apply for a new Personalized Octopus Card with "Student Status"
  • Activate / renew the "Student Status" on a Personalized Octopus Card

If you do not possess a Personalized Octopus Card with "Student Status", you may apply for one.

Students promoted to Form 4 or Form 6 in the academic year 2016-2017 should renew the "Student Status" on their cards.

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