NCS Students School Support Summary

  • Our school provides additional support for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students to facilitate their learning of Chinese

    • Appointing additional teacher(s) and teaching assistant(s) to support NCS students’ learning of Chinese;

    • Arranging intensive Chinese learning and teaching modes. For example, pull-out learning, split-class/group learning, etc.;

    • Organising cultural integration activities;

    • E-books and other learning materials are specially designed for non-Chinese speaking students to help them achieve their learning goals. Supplementary classes and consolidation classes are arranged.

    • Peer learning is encouraged and an inclusive campus culture is promoted.

    • Teachers are encouraged to attend the relevant courses to update their teaching strategy and strengthen their understanding of Chinese Language education for NCS students.

  • Education Support Provided for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Student(s) School Support Summary for the 2021/22 School Year