Prefects' Board

The Prefects' Board was established in 1979 under the guidance of the late Sister Lucylia Geppertto foster the relationship of our schoolmates, help to maintain school discipline and introduce our school to others. Owing to the significant increase in the number of students, the Board has been enlarged from 19 to 72 prefects and two sub-head prefects have been selected each year instead of one, since year 2005-06. This year, we also have Form 3 prefects in the second term.


Committee of Prefects' Board


Year Head-prefect Sub-head Prefect (1) Sub-head Prefect (2) Secretary Treasurer
2023-2024 Benedicta Chow Florence Ng Anson Wong Donna Ma Kennis Ng
2022-2023 / Kelly Chan Lilo Zheng Jenny Chan Carman Au
2021-2022 Janie Chan Annie Law Vincy Tai  Ariel Chun Judy Liu
2020-2021 Ingrid Yam Queena Leung Jessie Lo Lauren Sun Yoey Li
2019-2020 Bridget Chong Carmen Wong Kiki Wong Oliver Chung Natalie Ma
2018-2019 Beatrice Young Helen Chan Athena Ho Karen Ip Natalia Wong
2017-2018 Wing Poon Hilda Lam Rachel Chau Rosita Leung Suki Wong
2016-2017 Mary Pong Jackie Cheng Tulips Tang Audrey Wong Vanessa Yung
2015-2016 Gloria Tse Bonnie Lo Angel Woo Judy Lam Samantha Lee
2014-2015 Joanne Lau Karen Tong Sandy Xie Kelly Xu Cherry Tam
2013-2014 Venus Liao Yannie Lee Sammi Tsang Jenny Liu Ariel Kwok
2012-2013 Oriana Yeung Phoebe Woo Wincy Mak Zoe Shea Amy Shea
2011-2012 Helen Kwok Erin Li Psyche Chan Alice So Rachel Wong
2010-2011 Carmen Tse Helaine Yeung Jessica Wong Zoie Tam Rosaline Wong
2009-2010 Becky Leung Gladys Chui Carol Shing Fiona Wong Martina Ngai
2008-2009 Cindy Ng Cindy Keung Athena Ng Miranda Shum Natalie Lai
2007-2008 Pansy Au Joy Wong Cathy LI Victoria Kwok Louisa Kwan
2006-2007 Karen Lam Eunice Lau Wendy Chan Judy Chan Cathy Wong
2005-2006 April Lam Momoko Lam Bonnie Leung Fiona Lo Pamela Mui
2002-2003 Poey Ho Mandy Kuok / Connie Cheung Florence Kwan
2001-2002 Irene Chung Emily Cheung / Fiona Fok Katie Cheng
2000-2001 Livia Kwan Ivy Choui / Rita Tang Rita Tsang
1999-2000 Quinney Chan Jenny Tse / Eva Wu Barbie Lau
1998-1999 Ada Li Janet Wu / Anna Lee Sally See