Discipline Board


  • To encourage students to respect one another and follow the school regulations
  • To train students to be self-disciplined, and
  • To strengthen students' moral standard, honesty and punctuality.


Team Members

Miss Lee Wan Har, Wendy
Miss Chau Ka Man, Fiona Miss Cheung Po Man, Tasha
Miss Jia Choi Wan Miss Kwok Wing Yan, Rachel Mr. Lau Kam Hing
Miss Lee Hoi Ting, Iris Miss Leung Po Yi, Bonnie Miss Lo Ho Yau 
Miss Tsung Sin Mei, Mae Miss Wong King Yan -


Programmes and talks are held every year to promote positive values and attitude. For example, prefects' board leadership training provides case-studies for prefects to learn how to deal with different situations on different occasions.