School Sponsoring body

The Sponsoring Body of St. Rose of Lima's College is the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (known worldwide as the F.M.M.) The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is a religious institute founded on 6th January, 1877 by Mary of the Passion, who was of French parentage.


The year 2002 was of great significance and joy for the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary because in Rome, on 20th October 2002, His Holiness Pope John Paul II beatified Mary of the Passion. Our foundress is now known as Blessed Mary of the Passion.


The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is a religious institute which has the charism of the self-offering of Christ, following the examples of Mary and Francis. Mary is the mother of Jesus and, because of her total submission to the will of God in doing good, she has become our model.


Francis is a saint of the 13th century who is renowned for his love of Jesus, of human beings and of nature. Francis walked much ahead of his time and pointed out the importance of human relationship with nature, human beings and God as peace-maker, based on fraternal love.


The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, in the spirit of both Mary and Francis, serve the people of Hong Kong in the field of education. Our students are taught to love God, to have a loving family spirit and fraternal love for human beings as well as for nature. It is our hope that, with the support of the teaching staff, the sisters and all others who work for the school, every girl under our care will grow into a refined young lady, blessed with an all-round, healthy character, for the greater glory of God.


St. Rose of Lima's College was founded on 23rd February, 1948 by the Franciscfan Missionaries of Mary (F.M.M.) to cater to the needs of Hong Kong Society. It is a government subsidised Catholic school for girls which emphasises a very strong moral upbringing. Our School motto is "Through Charity to Truth".